A Wedding Photographer Visits Castle Howard – Perfect For Wedding Photos!

We love Castle Howard – it is high on the “hit list” for our daughter’s wedding.  We’d love to hear from anyone planning a wedding there who would like some photography to match the venue.

One of the most frequent questions Andy and I are asked is “Oh you are engaged – where are you going to have your wedding?”  a good question!  As you might imagine we see lots of amazing venues some larger than others, some perfect for a smaller, more intimate wedding.  Since our daughter is also starting to look at wedding venues I thought as we go through this process I’d write a few blog posts on what we like or love about different venues.

So, lets kick off with Castle Howard.  Still family owned by the Howard family, Castle Howard is perhaps most noted for being the set of the film “Brideshead Revisited” and more recently the annual “proms”.  It’s been a firm favourite of ours to visit although we have not actually photographed a wedding there as yet – something that may be about to change later this year – we are intimately familiar with it as a venue.

It is a venue of unrivaled scenery and grandeur.  It has been recognized by Lonely Planet as one of the worlds top ten greatest mansions and grand houses.  Take a while to visit this magnificent venue you will easily see why.  Temples, lakes, statues, fountains and even an 18th century walled gardens – Castle Howard has all this to offer and more.  Step inside the house and discover one of the finest houses in England ever designed by Sir John Vanburgh.

From the moment you arrive at the steps by the north front you cannot help but to be impressed by Castle Howard.  Inside you will walk along the antique passage through to the Great Hall with it’s fantastic dome.  As you move from room to room there is something more spectacular and awe inspiring than the last.   There are numerous photo opportunities around every corner and for a photographer who knows their mustard when it comes to creative lighting and photography after dark, such as ourselves, it offers unlimited, fantastic possibilities for our renowned “Wedding Art” photo shoot.

Since the house is open to the general public most of the year round a wedding at Castle Howard usually means a truncated day it is for that reason that often couples choose to have their ceremony elsewhere and then move onto Castle Howard to celebrate the remainder of their wedding day.


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