Documentary Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photojournalist | Reportage wedding photography | Unobtrusive Reportage Photography for Yorkshire weddings

Documentary Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photojournalist | Reportage wedding photography | Unobtrusive Reportage Photography for Yorkshire weddings

Your Wedding, Your Day, Your Way!


You are looking for a wedding photographer, otherwise you wouldn’t have found this website. If its not the first photographers website you have come across then you will not have found what you are looking for so far.

You will find that the images on my website are a bit different. That’s because my approach to wedding photography is different. On your wedding day I am an observer. The epitomy of unobtrusive. After a short while you will not even notice me which is when everyone instinctively drops their guard. Even the most camera shy don’t escape and it is then I capture the real wedding story. The glances, the tears, the laughter, the smiles, the longing looks.

First priority is it’s your day. I allow your wedding to run the way you want it. That is you spending time with your guests, taking time out with your new partner, talking to family and friends.

I don’t do taking over, becoming the centre of attention, the butt of everyones jokes about the bloke with the big camera shouting at guests. I move quietly and politely amongst your guests, anticipating the moments before they happen. Working this way enables me to get close to you, to capture the true feelings running deep in those closest to you. I am able to produce images for you that not only tell the story of your day from an observers viewpoint, but also produce images that are in touch with you and your feelings, that show a connection. I look for the light, always using what is available, never using flash or cumbersome reflectors. All my images are carefully and skillfully composed and I constantly seek out the best viewpoint to capture the forthcoming moment.

I cover weddings across Yorkshire and throught the UK and Europe.

If your interested in two photographers see our sister company fnsweddings, wedding photojournalists in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire based, UK wide coverage.

Telling a story through pictures. The life of a true photojournalist whilst attend a wedding can be a lonely one. In order to tell a true story of a wedding day the photographer must remain unobtrusive. Once a photographer interacts with his subject, the image becomes the the photographers idea of what that image should be rather than creating a record of events as they unfold. For the most part I like to remain in the background, unseen. I use my years of experience and skill to anticipate moments, be in the right place to get the best angle, look for the light, compose the image in the viewfinder and be ready to capture that unrepeatable moment forever.

I am Andy Hopkinson, a wedding photographer of over twenty years experience. My clients have enlisted my help to record their wedding day all across the UK and indeed across the world.

My service is not unique, but my vision, my insight into peoples lives during a wedding is. There is no other event in your life that combines public display with private, highly charged emotional moments as your wedding day.

Once I have attended your wedding I will edit, colour correct, crop and retouch where necessary all your images. I will then design and produce your wedding album according to your predetermined choices and dispatch it to you complete and finished. For most of my clients this is a godsend, not having to wade through hundreds of images, feel under pressure to pay more for extra images in order to complete the story telling and not having to learn the finer design skills required to produce a beautiful, complete story of the wedding day.

Your wedding is unique, and I don’t fix my couples into restrictive packages. You can choose to book me for all day or not, with High res files included or an album, or for full day coverage and an album with all your edited and hand finished images included in it. To discuss your wedding and how I can help you to achieve stunning wedding photographs, please email me or complete the contact form.


P.s. Enjoy the video below!

Pip & Guy from Andy Hopkinson on Vimeo.

That is the true definition of value. If you appreciate the finished item, the finish, the photography, the classically stylish design then price gets taken out of the equation. If it can bring tears to someones eyes looking through another couples album then what would that be worth in years to come. A lot more than the few hundred pounds discount you might have been able to negotiate from another photographer.

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My thoughts on wedding photography and how much you should invest…

There I was, seeing another couple about their wedding photography next year. They had seen the website, looked carefully through all the galleries and decided, despite my prices being above what they had budgeted for, to come and see me and look at some albums from previous clients. We chatted for a while about the venue, how many guests, how the planning was going, generally getting to know each other a bit.

I brought through one of my sample albums, an exact copy of what I had done for Phill and Charese last year. I placed the hand made, English Oak presentation box on the coffee table in front of them, lifted the lid and there was a gasp from our bride to be as she saw the cover. I gently passed the album to them using the uniquely designed finger lift cut outs in the side of the box. As they carefully opened the cover, and lifted the protective interleaf with the names and date printed on it there was an open mouthed silence. As they slowly turned each page both their eyes were fixed on the pages before them, carefully studying each and every detail of every page, transfixed and lost in the experience. She turned over one page, about half-way through to see a shot of the happy couple beaming form inside a bright red London Route-master bus. They both gasped again, still not talking either to me or each other. As they reached the end of the album, turned over the back cover to close it I glanced up at their faces. Both of them had tears in their eyes.

“Andy, can we please book you for our wedding” was the first word she had uttered for nearly twenty minutes. “We’ve looked at albums from at least five other photographers and we just have to tell you, yours are in a different league. You’re more expensive than some we’ve seen but now I totally understand why”.

It’s not the first time that has happened. Wedding photography isn’t about price or discount or how many prints or freebies or special offers. It’s about the photography and the presentation. It’s about real value for money. Isn’t it always paying just a little more for something you’ll love for many years to come than something that leaves you cold after a few weeks?
So how much should you invest in your wedding photography? Well if you asked me, forget all the wedding magazine formulas about percentages of this or half the cost of that. You should see it as an investment, the more you put in, the more you get out. In other words, a bit more than you originally budgeted for!

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