Goldsborough Hall Weddings – “Just One” From Goldsborough Hall Wedding Photographers

Continuing our “Just One” series from recent weddings here is our chosen “Just One” image from the beautiful Goldsborough Hall wedding of Hannah and Dan (actually I could say: “…..the beautiful Goldsborough Hall wedding of the beautiful Hannah and Dan….” because Hannah did look beautiful all day).  This particular image was photographed on the magnificent staircase at Goldsborough Hall during the evening celebrations after Hannah had, quite literally, let her hair down!

So….why have we chosen this particular image as Hannah and Dan’s “Just One”?  What is it about this image that we think sums up the very essence of Hannah and Dan’s wedding with “just one” shot?  Quite a lot actually.  Firstly if you look at the staircase you will notice all the little touches that go to make a family home – the vase of freshly cut flowers on the window ledge, the table lamps, cosy armchair and magnificent ancestral portraits on the wall.  Goldsborough Hall is very much a family home and a family member was in fact tweeting on the wedding day in response to my tweets about what a wonderful day we were having there with Hannah and Dan.  Then we look at the shadows on the wall we’ve created from the balustrades and they are big but what shines out even in all this magnificence is Hannah and Dan themselves.  The way they are posed is also significant.  Here is Hannah, confident in the knowledge that she looks “hot” and Dan in total awe of her and blown away by how beautiful she looks.  She had taken his breath away when he first saw her – I saw from my vantage point at the front of the ceremony room how he struggled to hold his emotions in check and now, hours later, he still can’t take his eyes off her.  So when you look at the image below, don’t just see an arty picture with a few shadows we created along the way – see the real story behind the images because this is the world as we see it.

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