Ladies & Gentleman Please Be Upstanding For Your Toastmaster….Mr Richard Cawte.

We frequent some of the the top wedding venues in the country. Often our couple employ the services of a toastmaster – sometimes because he is part of the package with their wedding venue and other, less frequent times, because they have been to a friends wedding where a good toastmaster made a difference to the day. I have to say by far the best toastmaster we have worked with in a long time we met for the first time last week at the beautiful Narborough Hall Gardens. We were so impressed by his Professionalism and what a difference he did make to the day I’ve decided to write a blog post about him – and that, believe me, is a first!

I’ll keep it brief. This “gem” is called Richard Cawte and he comes from the South but travels all over the UK to perform his toastmaster duties. He holds the accolade of being a Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters and tells us that he can be yours for the day “for the price of a chocolate fountain”. Although those of you who know me will know I have a bit (!!) of an addition to chocolate I know which I’d rather have (the less fattening and messy alternative!).

So, in short, if you are considering employing a toastmaster for the day please make our life easier and choose Richard! His contact details are: email: telephone: 01799 543 048 or 07899 700 894.

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