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Welcome to Ed & Sam’s marquee wedding photos! Enjoy the show!

Marquee weddings for most wedding photographers represent a major challenge. As by their very nature, marquee weddings can be pretty much anywhere, often in a field, it takes a talented marquee wedding photographer to make the best of what can be potentially a difficult location. For guests they offer an interesting change from the cost equivalent hotels and for couples they offer the ability to hold their wedding reception where they want! There are companies able to make planning your marquee wedding easier, fantastic marquee caterers if you didn’t fancy cooking it all yourself and having experienced quite a few first hand as marquee wedding photographers, we’d be only too happy to share.

We LOVE photographing marquee weddings! We love the challenge of being creative with what we have available without the safety net of resorting to architecturally interesting features, cool interiors, lounge areas and so on. When photographing a marquee wedding you could be literally on a big patch of grass with a catering van and some portaloos. Sometimes the wedding marquee is pitched next to a hotel or other wedding venue where the ceremony takes place, but more often than not, the wedding marquee is pitched at home in the garden or adjacent field. The possibilities for great marquee wedding photography will be there, it just takes vision and talent to create them. You can see above, Ed & Sams wedding was a home affair and despite the showers and blustery winds we created some beautiful images that Ed & Sam are delighted with!

Also in marquee’s were Sam & Lauren at Narborough Hall, Tim & Sarah at Markenfield Hall, then at home and in a cool PapaKata- Helen & Steve.


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